What others have said about my work:

"I worked with ZoŽ during her time at Fortis Intertrust. ZoŽ immediately fitted in to our small development team, and was a welcome addition to our number. ZoŽ is able to grasp the essentials of a web project very quickly, and soon gains a clear understanding of the application design issues involved. Her website designs were clean, uncluttered and effective. She was able to work within the constraints of the established corporate image, although naturally thought she could make a few improvements! Her technical documentation was clear, accurate and concise, and highly praised by business analysts and developers alike. She was lead programmer on all her projects, and was occasionally responsible for managing other developers seconded to her projects. This she did well, with the other developers welcoming her technical expertise, her organising ability and her calm manner in dealing with issues as they arose. ZoŽ is a hard worker; she often stayed in work late to hit deadlines she had agreed to. Her natural warmth, charm and great personality made it a pleasure to work with her. I would have no hesitation in working with ZoŽ again. I highly recommend ZoŽ as a multi-talented web designer/developer."

- Steve Dyer, Senior Developer, Intertrust Isle of Man (colleague)

"Zoe, its been a pleasure. You certainly know what your doing. If you need some excellent refs, look no further."

- Trond Selsbak, Blazer Services (www.blazer.no), Norway.

"I have been working with Ms Zoë Barrow of "Lucid Dragon" now, for the better part of 2 years on my multimedia website. Many developers have come and gone and I find that She cannot be replaced. Her sense of design, detail and broad knowledge in web development has brought me outstanding results. Her Experience in IT actually far exceeds that of 8 years in that she has experience with computer technology since she was very young! Zoë Barrow Is very professional and a joy to work with!"

- Paul Becker / cozmosmuzic, Denver, Colorado.

"Zoe absolutely rocks. Between her technical understanding, ability to solve the problems most give up on, and her general ease to communicate with, you can't really do better. What could have been a hideously painful project was turned into an absolute delight during my time working with Zoe. Every design we came up with, she took and turned into the real deal without even a moment of worry. Will definitely be coming back to her for future projects!"

- Matt Kelly, The Matt Kelly Show (www.mattkellyshow.com), Sydney, Australia

"Zoe's artwork is original and creative and she has fantastic knowledge of programming and internet desgn and languages through her degree program and projects completed. She designs for people worldwide and I have asked her to do more projects for me in the future,"

- Geode Music (www.redgap.co.uk), Isle of Man

"Zoe is a creative, innovative, designer with evident technical expertise and knowledge. Zoe is efficient, and full of new ideas. I can trust Zoe to come up with a quality product and look forward to working with her much more in the near future."

- Andy Quayle (www.tubu.net), Pensylvania, US.

"ZoŽ was great to work with she has excellent design skills and also a very good understanding of HTML, CSS & javascript. I learned a lot from ZoŽ which helped my knowledge of web based languages."

- Michael Cromwell, Web Developer, PDMS (colleague)

"ZoŽ was a fun person to work with. She has great creative flair and a good attention to detail."

- Meryl Batchelder, Project Manager, PDMS (colleague)

"Whilst not managing ZoŽ directly, I worked with ZoŽ on a number of projects ofetn from the project initiation stage which always helped when it came to setting the clients design expectations. I always found ZoŽ to be an honest individual who always gave it her best shot even though at times it would have helped if she had looked a little bit stressed when the screws were on in terms of deadlines, at least then I would have known I wasn't the only one who was concerned. Her design ability and eye for detail IMHO is second to none and will only improve with time. The ultimate question has to be, would I work with ZoŽ again? The answer would have to be yes as there is never a dull moment when working on a project with her."

- Andrew Cairns CMgr, Projects Manager, PDMS Ltd (colleague)

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